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“…an entirely new paradigm of music.”

“Jacqui L’s voice deserves special attention,
simply because it’s so good. It’s delicate yet powerful,
rich yet vulnerable, resonant yet reedy,
reminding me of a buffed-up version of Cindy Lauper,
with more range and clearer tonalities.”

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PLANET PARALLEL 5 review for The Huff.

“Much like Alice through the looking glass,
we travel through the void to the mysteries of PP5
where Jacqui plays host to our consciousness,
plucking at our souls like strings of her instruments.”

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review of PLANET PARALLEL 5.

“Her music hits you right in the gut, her visuals fascinate the eyes
and the depth of her lyricism provokes intelligent thought.”

“PLANET PARALLEL 5 is a serious voyage through pristine mixes,
well crafted progressive songwriting,
and the soulful, impacting vocals of the one and only Jacqui L.”

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full review of PLANET PARALLEL 5

“…but in this era of canned and pre-packaged music
created to play well to marketing research,
maybe a return to virtuosity and
imaginative theatricality is in order.”

“Forget the labels – if you’re into imaginative and
melodic music that’s out of the ordinary,
you’ll want to give it a listen.”

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full PLANET PARALLEL 5 review.

Jacqui L Scorpion

“…crafted a diverse collection of unique lyrics and instrumentals
for her new songs, which effortlessly highlight people’s
complex struggle to defend their personality,
while also seeking validation
from the relationships in their lives.”

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“Jacqui L’s music videos demonstrate her talent for
creating deeply entertaining visuals.”

“…sounds like music Pris from Blade Runner would play
on her Beats by Dre headphones as she worked
out and made tea from her own tears.”

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review of  Jacqui L’s PLANET PARALLEL 5
for Scallywag Magazine.

“…PLANET PARALLEL 5 (is a) record that focuses on
shedding light to the toxic side of reality
– yet it is this eerie air that makes PP5
a bone-chilling seduction.”

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PLANET PARALLEL 5 review by Aupium

 “Fans of bands like Tool, The Ocean, A Perfect Circle,
Porcupine Tree and Jacqui L’s fellow Aussies in Karnivool
will instantly be able to relate to the depressive,
melancholic vibe created by Jacqui L.”

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review of PLANET PARALLEL 5.

“…these are ideas that could only come from someone
who understands humanity enough to want to reach beyond it.”

“…vocals that seem to creep around a corner
before expanding into a spacious ascension.”

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full review of PLANET PARALLEL 5.

“…but it’s the amount of impressive melody,
intricately arranged instrumentation, and
thought-out songwriting that will really hook you in.
Jacqui L’s often mesmerizing vocals
will keep you coming back as well.”

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Substream Magazine
review of PLANET PARALLEL 5.

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interview with Jacqui L.

“It’s gonna take you a few passes here
until you get all that Jacqui L is talking about,
and are able to enjoy the full force of the
heady production of PLANET PARALLEL 5,
but I assure you it will be time well spent.”

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